"As a comedian, she is the rare kind of person who can acutely observe human behavior and mine it for storytelling that balances sharp insight with much-needed levity." — NYLON Magazine


Ali Vingiano is a writer, filmmaker, and UCB-trained performer born in New York City, but now living in Los Angeles. Please don't ask her which one is better!!  

She is a writer for the forthcoming Untitled Morning Show on Apple. Previously, she was a Field Producer for The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper on Comedy Central. She has written and directed over 100 videos and short films for BuzzFeed, among other digital media outlets, which have garnered hundreds of millions of views online. Her work has been featured in NYLON Magazine and on NBC's Today Show, among others.

If you ever need to look busy at a party, you can stalk Ali on Instagram or Twitter, both places where she should spend less time so she can just finish her screenplay already. 

Okay, have a great day! Bye!!