Vimeo Staff Pick, official selection of the Women In Comedy Festival, London Short Film Festival, Vienna Shorts Festival, and more. 


Written by Ali Vingiano

Her Parody: Him (ft. "Seth Rogen")

Co-writer, director, producer


Writer, producer

Unhealthy Relationships
When Guys Think You're Obsessed With Them

Director, writer, producer

We're Not Dating

Written and directed by Ali Vingiano

Getting Tested
Bringing Him Home for the Holidays

A video for Conde Nast Entertainment as part of the series "Subtext," which Ali wrote and produced for Glamour Magazine. Featured on the Today Show. 

How To Get A Guy To Leave You Alone

Written and directed by Ali Vingiano

When You're An On-Again, Off-Again Couple

Writer, producer

The Morning After

Written by Ali Vingiano & Kirsten King, directed by Ali Vingiano

You Deserve It

Writer, director, producer

If You Talked To People The Way You Talk To Yourself

Writer, director, producer

Awkward Commercial Kiss


Talking To Your Self-Esteem

Writer, director, producer

The Worst Kind of Breakup

Writer, director, producer

Signs You Should Get Your Sh*t Together

Writer, director, producer

When A Woman Takes A Compliment

Writer, director, producer

When You Hate Your BF's Mustache

Co-writer, producer

What You Actually Want to Say During a Job Interview | Subtext

Writer, producer

Honest Break Up | Subtext

Writer, producer

What It Feels Like When Your Mom Calls

Writer, director, producer

Why You're Always Late

Writer, director, producer

Signs Your BFF Is Like Your Sister

Writer, director, producer

When You Have A Doppelgänger

Writer, director, producer

Honest NYC Tourism Commercial

A video from Sure sure sure comedy, a sketch group Ali was on in 2013. 

A Female Superhero Pitches A Movie

Co-wrote, produced, and starred in this short, featured on Time, indieWire, and more. 

Friends Getting Coffee

What it's like catching up with friends. 

Stage sketch for NYC Sketch Festival: "Vamping Professor"

A sketch Ali wrote and performed in at the People's Improv Theater.

Mockingjay - The Hunger Games - Tipsy Book Review

A vlog with YouTube star Akilah Hughes.