"As a comedian, she is the rare kind of person who can acutely observe human behavior and mine it for storytelling that balances sharp insight with much-needed levity." - NYLON Magazine



How To Be Less Old 

Box Angeles 

Important Shit That Doesn't Matter

WBEZ/Voloco, Ali gives a history of the term "trigger warning"

Ali's work has been featured by the following places: 

Huffington Post: "Vingiano and Ashley treat the subject matter with care, while employing some raw honesty and humor." 

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Jezebel & Gawker sites: "This story is a good reminder that terminating a pregnancy can be an event in a woman’s life rather than a defining tragedy."

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Mashable:  "Writer and filmmaker Ali Vingiano awkwardly and accurately captures the disastrous interaction [of running into an ex]… funny, sad, and far too accurate.” 

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Entertainment Tonight

Flavorpill: “Hilarious, cringe-inducing.” 


Glamour: “I’m saluting writer-producer Ali Vingiano for getting this so right.”

The Hairpin: “Hilarious.”

IndieWire: “Hilarious, pointedly satirical” 

The Mary Sue: “Darkly humorous… This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so painfully accurate.” 

MTV News 

Refinery 29: "An honest, touching portrait of a decision that so many women make."


Stylecaster: “We’re utterly obsessed with writer and producer Ali Vingiano’s new short video.”

Time Magazine

TOR.com: [Alison Vingiano has a ] “knack for commenting on how men and women are portrayed differently.” 


The Wire